About us

We’re Mohini, Dimple and Deshna (mother and daughters) and we love food. In fact, we actually have a PhD in it.

We combine authentic Indian and East African recipes from our cultures to create mouth-watering innovative Indian street food like you’ve never seen or tasted.

Masala dosa, biryani, kachoori, samosa, chutneys and chai. Served fresh and hot at London Farmers' markets since 2014.

Using only freshly ground herbs and spices, freshly grated coconuts for chutneys, freshly ground lentils and rice for dosa and locally sourced fresh vegetables to make rich, home-made flavoursome food.

We care about the environment. All food is served in compostable containers.

Our food is vegan and all but two items are gluten free.

We can’t wait to serve you.