Dosa Wrap Our take on the classic Masala Dosa

Lentil & rice crepe filled with slow roasted potatoes. Topped with fresh chutney (roasted pepper, tamarind & date, lemon, coriander and coconut)
Choose your spice level when ordering. (V/G)

Biryani Aromatic and gently spiced rice with vegetables (V/G)

Potato Curry Slow roasted potato and onion curry with mild spices (V/G)

Samosa Thin crispy pastry filled with sautéed potato, peas, carrots, onions in freshly ground mild spices with accompanying chutneys (V)

Kachoori Thick flaky pastry filled with warmly spiced lentil mix with accompanying chutneys (V)

Indian Chai Tea, spices and milk brewed to perfection – served hot or with ice

V – Vegan

G – Gluten Free